Pumpkin kitchen

kitchen in a pumpkin


I decided to build a kitchen inside a pumpkin. This was before big box hobby stores and the internet. I wanted a hollow pumpkin, so I made it using a balloon, glue and newspaper strips. On top of the balloon, I also used a pot lid. The ridges were a build up of strips. But later I learned I could have wadded up the newspaper and then added strips over.

pumpkin top
underside of lid


The tree was made using wadded newspaper and wire. I painted brown because I thought that tree trunks were brown. My family questioned this and after looking outside I agreed they were right. But I didn’t want to change it. More recently (all these years later) I figured it out. I grew up around pine trees. They have brown trunks more so than most trees. The trees where I live now are grey. To this day that’s a struggle for me to have grey tree trunks.


I wanted to add lights to this project. They are 12v and use a transformer that plugs in. The hanging lamp was a challenge. It was tricky getting the lamp to hang straight as the light wires were affecting it.

I would not use electrical tape anymore. These are loose. Shrink tube/wrap is best as well as using a soldering iron.

Built in furniture

All the furniture along the wall are custom. I had to just keep trimming until they were flush. However it was only necessary for the sides that show. The appliances were made using a thin cardboard that has a shiny surface.

Other Furniture

The table and chairs are plastic kits by Chrysnbon. I added the tablecloth. The house on the table is a printie kit I purchased at a show.


I made the porch to custom fit the pumpkin. I used foamcore structure plus paper and thin card. Then it was painted.

porch made of paper and thin card


Autumn is typically burnt grass so I used a train landscape product offered in that color. The rocks were from my yard.


The base is made of foamcore board. I then added Celluclay. This product goes on wet or damp so it caused the foamcore to warp. Today I used sand bags or other things to hold it down as it dries.

Happy miniaturing!


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