Pink Teacup Terrace

I found this small pink teacup and saucer at an antique mall. I could kick myself for not buying the whole set. I just didn’t think about what I might exactly do with it.

wine anyone?

How I made this

Teacup with steps added
  • The cup was glued to the saucer with E6000.
  • Insulation foam board was used to fill the cup just below the rim.
  • Celluclay was added to level the top of the cup.
  • Insulation foam board was cut as steps to fit around the cup. These are trimmed to fit with each other but don’t have to custom fit against the cup since it gets covered.
  • Celluclay was added to make the steps like stone and cover any gaps.
  • Chipboard (cereal boxes) is cut for flagstone and glued to the terrace on top of the cup.
  • Greenery bits of landscaping foam glued strategically about the steps and terrace.
tree made from cloth covered wire and then covered with tissue paper
  • The tree is made using multiple wires of cloth covered florist wire.
  • Then thin tissue paper is used to wrap the tree to cover the gaps between the wires. Alternatively Celluclay can be used.
  • Before painting, shape the tree to hang over the terrace and trim as needed.
  • Add landscapoing foam to the tree and around the base.
  • I left some of the cup design showing because I liked it.
  • Decide where to place table and chairs.
  • Add accessories.

Happy miniaturing!


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