Pink Seahorse Gift Shop

The Pink Seahorse Gift shop – Souvenir from QC Conv Cruise 2013

In September 2013, I went on a cruise with fellow Quarter Connection convention attendees. Ok, it was a virtual cruise, but we had tons of fun. Every day had fun tours, things to buy, workshops to try and free projects to enjoy. Every evening while the convention was going on, I sat at my studio desk with my project and with my netbook. I participated in real chats that included games and other topics. It was so much fun I was sad when it was over.

Our souvenir for this convention was a gift shop kit with the beach side. Included with the kit were several other gifts (some kits) from the QC convention team. Everything shown was included in the kit, unless I note in my comments. I signed up to send/receive swaps, so I got a great bunch of items and some are used to accessorize this shop. I was inspired by the seahorses to name my shop.

The Pink Seahorse is a gift shop and launching point for the QC Cruise.

I only made a few changes to the kit. 
The kit included a couple of choices for the awning and I choose this one with the pink seahorses on it.  I used the colors from that to paint my gift shop.
I did not use the exterior siding – it was grey boards.  Instead I just painted the box pink.

I used my computer to create my name sign. 

beach chair from kit – gift from Denise Osborne, boggie board gift from Paula Issacs
At the end of the shop was the pier to some huts. Someone has left their luggage. Pink/white luggage swap from Joyce Puma, green suitcase swap from Donna Cabry, and the green tote and white sunhat swap from Betty Perry.

The background was a printie in the kit. I added the faux palm trees (purchased).

up close of the seahorses that inspired my choice of name- love the detail,
boggie boards gift from Paula Issacs

I meticulously painted the seahorse on the trim pieces pink.  I was very careful to leave the laser cut details.

inside of shop with roof removed
inside shop with roof on – sequins were in our swap bags and I pictured them hanging as decorations when I saved them.

The roof is a printie from the kit but I used a yellow wash to change the color.

The front of the shop has a nice open door way. Inside left side of shop from front.
White shelves gift from Paula Issacs, starfish, shell and dolphin were swaps from Liz West, shells from my stash, purple surf board swap from Jackie Williams
dump bins gift from Janet Smith, leis were part of a gift kit from Jean Day, penguin snuck in from my stash
wicker shelf kit with accessories was gift by Jean Day
right end of shop – the counter was a gift kit by Liz West
seahorse statue by Preble using pendant and bead, shells from my stash, dolphin shelf a swap by Liz West, wonderful ‘wrought iron’ chair swap by Glenda Disney
seahorse statue from front

This was a truly awesome souvenir.  It was the first time I worked on a project during an online convention.  That was fun, chatting with everyone as I worked on the project.  I wasn’t able to finish, but was determined to get back to it soon.  Considering I haven’t finished any other convention souvenir kit, I think three months is very timely.

Happy miniaturing!


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