Mother Goose 9-10-11-12-13

How I made sections 9-10-11-12-13 for my Mother Goose Challenge Project

The book inside

This was a purchased book that I added the walls to make sections.  The walls are matt board and the floor is foamcore board.

hollow book with floor and walls added

I painted over the inside before I added wallpaper so there was no color show-thru.

Little Jack Horner
The stool with the pie is a swap item from Ruth Goodger. Sweet.
I used scrapbook paper for wallpaper.  Flooring by Joe Hermes.
To make Jack I modified a resin rabbit. With my dremel tool, I removed the spy glass leaving just the top to paint as a plumb on his thumb.  I also removed a pail of water with the boat. Then a repaint.

before and then after I carved and painted

10 Mother Hubbard
The shelf unit/cupboard is my own design.  
The dog and bowl were metal minis from Susan Korman. I did the painting.
I used scrapbook paper for wallpaper.  Flooring by Joe Hermes.

11 Hickory Dickory Dock
The clock and mouse were a swap made by Heather Drinkwater.  Cute.
Rug from a previous swap by Sharon Anderson.
I used scrapbook paper for wallpaper.  Flooring by Joe Hermes.

jack and his plum, dog

12 Pussycat, Pussycat
The throne is a swap item by Catherine Wojewoda.  See the face and tail?
I used leftover wallpaper.  Flooring from a supply swap.

pussy cat and humpty dumpty

13 Humpty Dumpty
I was very interested to learn that Humpty was a canon – a very large one that got knocked off a wall.  
I used the graphics from ME’s book – modified to fit the area and what I wanted to show.
I wanted an egg for Humpty, but also didn’t want to buy one.  I made him using polymer clay. First I made a egg shape of foil.  Then added a layer of clay.  I cut around his middle before I baked him.  I also insert pins into the spots for the wires.  Then to the oven.
He came apart quite nicely.  I removed the foil unsure if he would be totally open.  It helped to work on the wires that way.
Under him is indeed an egg yolk.  I just made sense why he was broken  beyond repair.  The yellow is a dried puddle of paint with glossy clear paint for the white.
I did paint him all white and had shaped his face.  That was creepy  and so he got some extra paint to soften the stark white and add some clothes.  

paint really made a difference

Next group of 14-19

Happy miniaturing!


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