Mother Goose – 1-2-3-4

1. Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater
Inspired by other challenger’s projects, I decided I wanted a pumpkin as part of mine as well.  When I noticed the gourd it was a meant to be sort of moment to me.
To make this section, I started with a 4 inch gourd.  I cut this in half and then across the top and bottom using a dremel tool and a cut off wheel.  I used same to cut out the openings.

the inside the of the pumpkin

Interior walls and floor were printies I created or scrapbook paper.  
The hutch is brown plastic furniture (BPF).  I removed the cabinet doors from the top and added the punched plates.  Not all of the BPF hutches can you remove the doors. The table is also BPF with a pumpkin I made years ago for swaps.

grape tendrils, faux leaves, thin card for awning and flower box,

The roof is made from a single full size faux maple leaf that I cut up.  I added some real grape vine tendrils that I painted green.
The awnings are thick paper I cut to shape using regular and scalloped scissors.  These are painted by hand using a 10/0 liner, but I could have used printies instead.  
Window box of thin card, plus foam painted brown and added yellow punched petals to make the flowers.
The window and door are from Grandtline.  I did modify the window – a leftover from another project.  I just added a window sill.  The shutter was cut in half to fit.
Lantern is made of grape vine tendril and a seed pod – all painted.

hand-painted walls, dried tea leaves for the dirt

The exterior walls of the box were painted by hand.  I used fine ground floral foam and dried tea leaves for the landscaping.  The little pumpkins I made a long time ago.  The pumpkin leaves are from a garland.  

2. House Under the Hill
I had this odd corner that it just seems to fit to have a house under the hill.  I wasn’t really familiar with this rhyme, so it was an after thought.  But I really like how it turned out.
The wall is made from a piece of paper mache pot.  This stuff is easy to use and creates great texture.  I tore it to fit.  But cut the opening for the door with my craft knife.  
The door  I finally used is Grandtline screen door that I added mesh ribbon to back.  
The interior does have wallpaper and flooring, but not really seen.
The landscaping is fine landscaping foam that I added after painting the paper mache green.
The wee lady is swap from Sue Herber (not a swap as part of this challenge).  Very sweet.

not door I ultimately used
wee lady is swap from Sue Herber

3. Mistress Mary (How does your garden grow?)
I love Mary Engelbreit and I considered using the graphics in a book I got.  Instead I thought about the ME notepad that I had used before.  This graphic had a girl watering flowers and it just fit for me.  I simply cut it out using my craft knife – lots of tiny cuts.  Then to give depth I added a piece of matt board before gluing to the wall.
The plants are a combination of dried materials – some dyed, some painted, and green landscape foam and punched petals. 
The plastic fence was a leftover from a project but was bought online.

4. Little Boy Blue
This was a very simple one to do.
I received the haystack and little boy blue as a swap from Susie Newel and he is so cute.
The walls were done using graphics from ME’s book – I did modify them to fit what I wanted for my walls.

little boy blue come blow your horn by Susie Newel

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