MerrieBunnie’s Craft Room

MerrieBunnie Gets a Craft Room

As I walked by my display dome the other day, I heard a tiny voice, “Psst”.  I stop and lean in and sure enough MerrieBunnie was trying to get my attention.  I lifted the dome and said , “Hi, what’s up?”

Mb: “Well, that is what I wanted to ask you. Why haven’t you been at your work desk much this week?”
Me: “I’m on vacation.”
Mb: “But you are here and not off somewhere?”
Me: “Well, that’s because I took vacation so I could enjoy the Online House Party.”
Mb: “What’s an online house party? I don’t see any party going on here.”
Me: “No, that’s because it’s online. I’ve been in chat all morning.”
Mb: “Oh, so what are you working on lately? Anything I might like?”
Me: “Well, actually, now that you mention it, yes, there might be.”
Mb: With eyes lighting up “Oh really?”
Me: “Yes, why don’t you come for a look,” picking up MerriBunnie. “I am putting together the Thursday Night project for the HP that I purchased separately. TNP for short.”
MB: After setting her near the project, “Oh my! I can hardly stand the thought of it! I love it! Can I really get to live here?”
Me: “Sure. What do you think of the wallpaper?”
MB: “They are my favorite colors.”
Me: “Are you ok with that lavender window? A fellow HP attendee said I should go with that versus white.”

lavender is better

MB: “Oh my, yes. I think it looks splendid with the wallpaper. Where did the wallpaper come from?”
Me: “I had it in my stash, along with the flooring and the brick paper that I used for the outside.”
MB: “Wait, there is an outside too?”
Me: “Yes, see it has this nook that I am going to add a garden too.”
MB: “Wow, this is a really neat project. What goes inside the room?”
Me: “Well as a registered attendee to the HP, I received several items as souvenirs, including a desk kit, a chair, a laptop and a plant. Plus, I participated in a swap and some of those items will be included in the room as well.”
MB: “What about the outside, did you get items for it as well?”
ME: “No, but I have items from previous conventions and swaps that will likely fit.”
MB: “I am so excited. I can hardly wait until you finish it and I can move in.”
Me” “Yes, I am really enjoying this project. Give me a few more days and it will be ready.”
MB: “Tell me more about this online HP? How are you here and there too?”
ME: “Well, being online means that some things like tables are virtual. Many other things like the sales room are real – well the dealers are real – the room is not. As matter of fact, while I was in chat, I was also sneaking off to the dealers tables or websites. “
MB: “This is interesting. So what did you buy?”
Me: “Some rabbit things, some molds to make food, and Logan helped me buy a gypsy wagon kit.”
MB: “Logan, your kitty – that mean monster? How did he buy things?”
Me: “Yes, Logan. I understand why would call him a mean monster – he is quite large too you. Not to mention that whole knocking things down off the counter where you were staying these past few years.”

MB: “So how did he buy something for you? He doesn’t usually use your computer, right?”
ME: “Well, not that I have known of before. But today, he put his paws on the keyboard and went to ordering things. My hubby saw. I pointed it out to him so he would be sure to notice it. He has very nice taste.”
MB: “Ok, if you say so. Just keep him away from me. I don’t want to get chewed on by him. I am sure he would ruin my nice dress.”
Me: “Yes, I think he would. So I will be sure to use a case when the project is finished. It also keeps the dust out. However I do have to go get one – ah a trip to the hobby store.”
MB: “Wait how do you chat with people if they aren’t here either?”
Me: “In an online chat room – which just means you type your posts to each other. This chat has been really fun. People generally add their location to their ID in a mini chat room. For the costume party part of the banquet, I even changed mine to reflect my costume for a while.”
MB: “What do you do at a HP?”
Me: “Browse the roundtables when they get posted for one – I didn’t purchase any – maybe because Logan wasn’t around to help.”
MB: “Well I can see that you didn’t need any roundtables you have plenty of tables set up in here to work on.”
Me: “Opps! I forgot to explain what that is – which is a small kit that’s usually put together at a round table. At an online one you just get to see the pictures and then order them from the dealers.”
MB: “What else is different from an online HP and a real one?”
Me: “Well, since I have never been to a real HP, only been to shows and Fun Day events, I can just tell what I have heard, that there are HP Helpers, Auctions, Exhibits, Centerpieces, Workshops and more. The online HP had all those just in a different format. The helpers, auction items, exhibits, centerpieces were all via pictures. But there was a chance to win a centerpiece at each table. I didn’t win one though. Workshops happened a few months ago – the ordering anyway. But I did get a first timers gift as this was considered my first NAME HP. Another thing a real one has is meals – at an online one we just get pictures and we travel to different places for each one – virtually of course.
Oh and I was also on the committee – Home Improvement Seminars Chair.”
MB: “What is a Home Improvement Seminar?”
Me: “A presentation on how to improve the home – in this case the mini home. Mine was on ‘Organizing Swaps’ which I have a lot of,” pointing over the swap boxes stacked up.

MB: “One more thing – you said you worked on this TNP at the same time as being in the chat room – how did you do that?”
Me: “Between typing of course, but I also tend to get quiet when I work. Although sometimes I share what I am doing with the others and have them give suggestions or inquire how they did something in theirs if they have said they had been working on it. I am about to put the desk together – want to help?”
MB: “I would love to!”
Me: “Hold this while I get the glue….”

MerrieBunnie is very proud to show off her new desk that came as the souvenir for the 2014 NAME Online HouseParty. Well, the kit for the desk was. Also the chair, plant and the new laptop were souvenirs as well. The room itself was the Thursday Night Project that was a kit purchased separately.

MerrieBunnie is a huge fan of ME, so she had to add touches where she could.

Desk was a kit for the souvenir – chair, plant and laptop were souvenirs as well
brown shelf by Adriene Hagey, painted the metal typewriter, clock was a tote-favor for the online HP
I was making this project while I was in chat at the online HP and another chatter convinced me that the window should be lavender, which I am pleased with.
MerrieBunnie was purchased at a show a few years ago made by Bev Corder. The shelf above the desk was a kit from Pam Junk.
the sign on the left was reduced – it is the logo the HP (also included under the project with my signature), bench by Vi Hashup, hanging plant by Janet Smith, flag by Georgia Queen although I added the pole
I saw a window added to one of the samples and knew I should add one as well.
all wallpapers I had in my stash.
top view from other side

The cover for this project is for a baseball and was purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Happy miniaturing!


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