Little Women Book

My miniatures club decided to make rooms inside of books. One friend had some thick law books that she gave us. I removed the pages and built a box to fit between the cover.

I decided I would display a scene from Little Women. I borrowed the book from the library and made copies of a couple of pages I wanted to use in my now faux book. This was in the late 1990’s so before the internet, at least for me.

Jo at her desk writing

The secretary was a House of Miniatures kit. I made the fern on top of the secretary using wire and florist tape. The wire is laid along the middle of the tape and then the tape folded over the wire. Little cuts are made in the tape from side to the wire. The tape is then cut into a tapered shape. Or the tapering can be done before.

This was my first ever doll in miniature. Well one of quality at least. I made her dress and wigged her. My club friends helped me with patterns and how to wig the doll.

The lamp was given to me by a new lighting vendor at a show. I shared some helpful info on casting and he gave me the light. I have it wired to a 9 volt battery which is housed under the floor.

Battery would go in the opening to the right that is open under the secretary

The wallpaper and trim around the book box were from real life wallpaper. Our club had been given some wallpaper books and I just cut it apart to suit my needs.

The outside I added paper stickers to cover the printing and change the title. Today, I would carefully trim the cover and add the stickers so they would be flush. I did that on my Mother Goose project. It is not obvious in this pic, but the titles have a tendency to come unglued against the leather cover. This also shows how different papers will age. Some was plain card vs the other was wallpaper pieces.

Happy miniaturing!


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