Dorothy Arrives in OZ

My all time favorite children’s book are the OZ books. Thanks to the internet and digital books, I have read all fourteen by L. Frank Baum. My library didn’t have all the copies and as an adult I didn’t think to buy them for a long time.

This is a kit I designed. The project fits in a 4x4x4 inch cube.

Designed to resemble a book this is the book cover.
the book back and a place to sign it
Dorothy Arrives in OZ
Glinda welcomes Dorothy to OZ
Dorothy from Kansas
Toto is Dorothy’s canine friend
munchkin mayor
a munchkin lady
what we can see of the Wicked witch of the East

In the book, the shoes were silver, but in the movie they were red. Since the movie is what sticks in my mind, I decided on red.

Happy miniaturing!


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