Candlestand Garden

A member of my miniature club suggested that we made garden scenes in these square candle stands. I decided I would make a water foundation with small goldfish pond below.

The wall is made using insulation foam. It is painted with paint that has sand in it.

The flagstone is painted cardboard.

The wisteria is made using cloth covered wire and different colors of landscape foam. This has faded some due to age and dust.

I purchased the bench, birds, goldfish, planter, angel and the back piece behind the lion.


Another member made a mold of the lion head and then made castings using plaster mix. I believe the lion head was a metal jewelry finding.

The water for the fountain stream is monofilament fishing line and the pooled portion is made with two part epoxy resin.

Several years later the club member who suggested the project passed away. I was given her garden to keep.

Happy miniaturing!


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