Bunny Display

The little resin bunnies and eggs are some I have collected and didn’t know what to do with them. I had considered making a scene with the bunnies. Instead when for something else, I decided to fix up this cabinet.


The cabinet started as plain wood and had a damaged hinge on one door. I painted it all white, then added the green to the outside. Later I decided to age using stain. Here is a test for the aging.

testing stains in the paint palette in lower right

I added mesh from a fruit bag to the doors. This mesh was stretchy and did not want to stick to the door. I had to use clamps (clothespins) to hold while the glue dried.

All the resin items were painted white and then repainted by me. I find these little figures (some were ornaments) are poorly painted so I like to do my own. I used several paints with a pearl finish to them.

To hold this I have it sitting on a plastic plate. I bought them to use as paint palettes but a plastic lid works better. Then I used a dome I had to go over it.

Happy miniaturing!


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