Bunny Bedroom

There are some projects that seem to never get finished. For me and this one, it is challenge after challenge or distractions.

The first challenge I had was making the box itself.

I made the box from wood and it includes a frame. I don’t even have it fully assembled. I still have concerns on whether it will hold the plexiglass. I spent way too much time hand cutting to allow for the plexiglass. There are so many other and better ways to deal with holding plexiglass. For one, I have added the trim around the top just below the top to allow for it to rest inside the box. Another would be to learn how to use my router attachment for my Dremel tool.

The second challenge was the wallpaper. It had to do with two things, first time, I didn’t prep the wood walls. So when I was distracted by other projects and put it away, the humidity caused the wallpaper to bubble. The humidity was more an issue due to not having good air conditioning in the area where this project had been stored. Miniatures do best in the same comfortable air we prefer, (well unless you like it humid and hot.)

I removed the wallpaper using isopropyl alcohol and scraping. I ordered more wallpaper and this time prepped the walls with paint. But I used the same wallpaper paste glue. So it happened again.

Repeated removing and reordering. This time I used tacky glue for the wallpaper and tossed that paste. I think it may have gotten hard and I added water, which you can, but maybe too much. I have since abandoned using that for wallpaper. I just use tacky glue. I squeeze it out and smear with a old credit card, then carefully place my precut wallpaper.

The furniture are all kits except for the bed. Well at least the canopy I want to add. This bed, of course, turns into another challenge and I haven’t gotten past it. I want to do some custom cover or some such. Even with out the canaopy which may actually work, I started a special bedspread. I do really like the fabric ruffle. It was prefab and so just had to glue underneath or the the sides.

I am really happy with the dresser. I painted light blue and then added stain to antique it. The mirror is the right scale, but does it really fit with this project?

I am also pleased with this shelf. I like the design and I want it to stand out. Looks like I might need just a bit more stain to antique and get it to show better.

Anyways this is still a WIP or work in progress.

Happy miniaturing!


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