Carton Birdhouse

I grew up doing crafts so it was natural to used techniques I learn in crafts for miniatures. This project was inspired by a craft project to recycle a juice carton into a birdhouse. I just took it a step further into the miniature realm.

juice carton birdhouse

I made a foamcore insert to go inside the juice carton. This is because the carton is slick and not straight. The bottom of the carton was cut so that it slide over the insert. I used a piece of bambo skewer to cut a perch for the outside (not shown) and when in place it held the carton over the insert. I also added a piece of thin card to cover the side of the peak.

I used pinecone scales for the roofing shingles. Those were really hard to deal with, requiring some heavy cutters.

The light was a night light bulb that worked on 110v.

Inside the carton is a folding screen I hand-painted. I made the table and all the birdhouses. The church birdhouse was made using instructions from Nutshell News March 1996 issue pg 58.

My favorite is the house plant.

The little birdhouses around the top are printed and glued to card. The fence was cut from cross stitch cloth.

My club also made these and here are some of their verisons.

Happy miniaturing!


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