American Bedroom

This project was so much fun to do with the theme. I used fabric for the trim around the top. I made faux windows.

Funny story about the bed: when I told my family about the cat chewing up one of the bedposts, I got some funny looks as they didn’t realize I was talking about a miniature bed

American Bedroom

This is made in a roombox that I built from a simple kit. The front glass slides in the trim. It has 2 12v lights.

I traded a fellow club member for the fireplace that I then painted, I made the fire screen and chair. I made the dress for the doll. She has no legs, but I frequently like to curl my legs up under a blanket or a dress if I am wearing one. The lamp was a prize for a best in show. The items on the mantle were purchased and I made the picture frames.
I just love the saying on this print. To make this, I cut a frame on my miter box, added plexi-glass, got the print from a catalog and added a backing.
The quilt on the bed was stitched by hand. I made the bed from a House of miniature kit. I also made the flag blanket chest under the window. I also made the quilt rack, quilts on it, and the pillows on the bed.
The shelf in the corner is one of my first real miniatures. It was given to me by a great uncle. The rabbits in the top shelf were purchased at a show and repainted. In the middle shelf, I purchased the vase and the Uncle Sam. The lower shelf has a doll and a birdhouse that I made. I made the Uncle Sam, next to the bed, and his hat lights up.
This spool box was a plastic kit that I painted, the rabbit was purchased at a show.

Happy miniaturing!


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